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Laptop Take Home Permissions

For your 7th or 8th grader to participate in the MLTI laptop program, you must complete the following:
  1. Parent/guardian and Student learning (videos, presentations and readings provided on this webpage)
  2. Submission of Online Agreement (Google Form). The student will need to be signed into their MSAD51 Google Account to complete the online agreement form at the bottom of this page. (Please be sure to type the correct parent email address in the form so you receive the confirmation email.)
  3. Email confirmation by the parent/guardian after the Online Agreement form has been submitted. The parent/guardian will need to respond to an email generated by the submitted form to complete the process.
  4. Optional: participation in the laptop repair pool (highly recommended!). If you agree to participate in the laptop repair pool, that payment needs to be made before your child will be allowed to take the laptop home. If you choose to participate in the laptop repair pool, your $50 can be paid by check or online. Checks can be dropped of at the school office.
    NEW! If you would like to pay online, please click HERE for instructions.

Parent/Guardian Requirement:
1. PRESENTATION Watch GMS MLTI Laptop Meeting Parent Presentation
2. VIDEOS Watch videos: Digital Dossier and Jigsaw: Assembly for 8 10 year olds

Parent/Guardian and Student Requirement:
3. REQUIRED READING Read and review: MSAD 51 Network Acceptable Use Policy and Greely Middle School Laptop Policy
4. ONLINE AGREEMENT Complete Online Agreement Form

1. PRESENTATION, please review all slides.

GMS MLTI Laptop Meeting Parent Presentation

2. VIDEOS, please watch

Digital Dossier

Digital Dossier

Jigsaw: Assembly for 8 10 year olds

Digital Citizenship