Powerpoint presentation from the IB Information Night at Greely Middle School

And in case the video does not open directly from the powerpoint, "Education for a Better World - the IB Diploma Programme" - coming soon

GHS IB Teachers 2016-2017

Dina Lattanzi, Deb Pinkham, Barry Mothes, Bobby Livingston, Kim MacDonald, Pat Thibault, Seth Knowles, Margaret Corral, Jessica Zipper, Grace Leavitt, Andy Tureff, Glenn Tracey, Julie Doughty, Chris Hoffman, Audrey Northway, Andrew Baca, Emily Banks, Rye Daily, Stacey Rodriguez, Vanessa Sylvester, Jenn Tracey, Kevin Rollins, Ceri Nichols, Sarah Way, Kelvin Hasch, Heather Perkinson

GHS IB Coordinator Vanessa Sylvester