Welcome to the GHS Collaborative Creations Class Catalog!

Creative Collaborations Class is a unique and inclusive class where students of all different abilities and learning levels work together and make great products. We sell our products at a craft fair as well as online in the community.  

Our profits are donated to a high performing charity. The charity is chosen after research and presentations.  
  • 2014-2015 we donated $900 to Safe Passage and $900 to Firefighters for Kids
  • 2015-2016 we donated $500 to the Cumberland Food Bank, $500 to Firefighters for Kids and $200 to Bright Spot Fund.

Catalog of Products

A. Wooden Coasters
Multi-wood square coasters; great for protecting your furniture from your hot and cold beverages. 
Set of Four- $15.00

B. Cutting Boards and Trivets

This cutting board will accent your countertops and the trivet will protect your tables.

Large Cutting Board 17"x 9"- $25.00
Small Cutting Board 11"-14''x 9"- $18.00 
Trivet 6"x 6"- $12.00


C.  New Style - 
One Stripe Wood cutting board to protect your table while also giving a warm decoration to your kitchen. Small - $18 and Large $25

D. Tree Candles

These candles were crafted from white birch and natural brown bark wood.
Set of Three- $15.00

Necklace Holder 

Teak hand-crafted necklace holder. Can store up to six necklaces.


F. Gnome House

Complete with "The Legend of the Gnome" card, these little homes are perfect for kids of any age to play with and use imaginatively. 

G. Raised Cheese Platters/Trays

Wooden platters designed to serve your most interesting appetizers in an elegant fashion.
Light/Dark wood
c. Rustic 

H. Whimsical Terrarium
Small succulent garden with fanciful mushrooms.

Gnome Necklaces:

Fun, adorable, little gnome necklaces. Kids will love having a little friend to keep them company. $5 for necklace and gnome combination, $2 for individual gnomes.

J. Maine Love String Art and other Maine designs
Customizable string art in the shape of Maine, or other states and designs such as lobsters or deer.

K. Wooden soap dish

Add this adorable, rustic soap dish to any sink for cottage look.

L.  Key Holder

So you never lose your keys again!!!

Hanging Quote Signs Quotes that will hang from the wall. Made with semi vintage-looking wood/paint. Multiple different quotes. Requests for quotes will be taken.   $15