Daniel Westhoven

Name: Daniel Westhoven, M.Ed

Subjects and Grade Level: Pathways Coordinator GHS/GMS 7-12

Phone: 207-829-4805 ext 490

Email address: dwesthoven@msad51.org

Cellphone: 207-233-4972

Multiple Pathways Defined

Pathways are programs of academic and technical study that integrate classroom and real-world learning organized around multiple sectors of industry—fields such as finance and business; health science and medical technology; building and environmental design; and arts, media, and entertainment. Pathways combine college-preparatory curriculums with exceptional career and technical education, motivating students to learn by helping them answer the question, Why do I need to know this?

[from Bringing Industry to the Classroom, May 2008]


There are amazing community based opportunities available to high school students. Please call or email for more information.