Profesora BW

Mi familia: YO (me!), Forest (4.5 años), Jon (mi esposo), Stella (8 años)

Emily Bogner Williams

Spanish ~ 6th, 7th, 8th

Portable 2a

need to know:

In this class, you will acquire the Spanish language through listening, reading, and creating together as a Spanish class community. I will make sure the Spanish you hear in class is comprehensible to you. You will make sure you are listening with ALL of your senses to make meaning out of the language. Before you know it, Spanish will fall out of your mouth!

need to bring*:

  • 1" binder to keep your readings + song lyrics organized IN the classroom

  • 25 plastic sleeves/sheet protectors

  • 1 box of pencils

  • some eraser heads

  • earbuds *available for daily use in class* - bring labeled with your name in a ziploc bag

*NOTE: materials are available if student is unable to purchase all of the above