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Wellness Onlife Challenge   

This year MEABT wellness program is called Onlife and you can register at www.OnlifeHealth.com. Only employees, spouses and dependents children over 18 that are on the MEABT Anthem Health insurance plan can participate.
You will need to use the keycode MEABT to register (if you have not registered before). If you have never registered you will also need to create a username and password. The password must be at least 8 characters long, and must include at least one capital letter and one number. If you registered before but don't remember you password and/or username, go to http://www.onlifehealth.com/ and follow the instructions for re-setting.
You will again have the opportunity to earn rewards by doing questionnaires, completing activities, etc. This year payment is in the form of a prepaid Mastercard. You can earn up to $250 for the year July to June. Your spouse can also participate and earn up to $250 as well as any dependent children 18 or older covered by the MEABT Anthem plan.
If you have questions about Onlife, see the Questions & Answers section in the menu bar on the left of this screen.

Here is a link to the for more info and a list of how you earn points and how often you can get credit for those activities: Onlife Health Brochure..
Please note when registering for Onlife, you may need to allow pop-ups for the Onlife site in your browser.
Onlife Challenge - Health Trails - The HealthTrails challenge has begun. Are you logging your progress?
Part of Onlife Health involves a challenge. The challenge is HealthTrails where you have several trails around the world to choose from. You will log your steps and progress. There are several levels of trails to choose from. In order to participate in HealthTrails, you must first register for the main program, the Onlife Health. See above info on your to register. Once you have registered for Onlife Health, log in and on the menu on the left you will see MY CHALLENGES at the bottom.  The deadline for the fall challenge has ended but there will be another challenge in the spring....stay tuned.
Members Assistance Program
The Members Assitance Program sponsored by MEABT is available to district employees. This service does not require that you participate in the district's health insurance program. Members Assistance gives you access to the following:
* Counseling sessions: Three sessions with a licensed therapist per issue - no deductibles or copays
* Help with legal and financial concerns. Provided by a licensed attorney or certified financial advisor.
* Dependent care referrals. Find child and eldercare providers, either on-line or by calling MAP directly.
* Convenience services. Information on pet sitters, educational choices, summer camp programs and more.
* Program website. anthemeap.com. Access articles, self-assessments and audio/video materials.
* Smoking cessation. Get phone coaching and online tools to help with quitting.
* Identity recovery. Assess your risk for identity theft and learn how to fix any potential problems.
* Member center. includes a listing of MAP providers in your area and referrals for routine counseling.
To view all of the benefits go to www.anthem.com/meabt. You can also call 1-855-686-5615 and tell them you are a member of MEA Benefits Trust.
You can also go to www.anthemeap.com and use this log-in: MEA Benefits Trust

Albion: TBD

Benton: Teresa Denis

Clinton: Anni Outinen-Jones

Fairfield: TBD


LHS: Pete Spears

Central Office/Ad Ed/Bus Garage: Sue Lambert