On this site, you will find information and resources for technology use in the district. Returning staff, there have been updates so please take a few minutes to go over the site. New staff, please familiarize yourself with the information on this site.

Use this as a reference throughout the school year.

Please also refer to our district policies on technology use located on the RSU 40 district web site.

Thank you!

Linda Trenholm, Director of Technology


I'd like to start using this website where my students login to do learning activities, is that OK?

  • Access to any online site/subscription/software that students use is subject to Maine state laws regarding student data privacy and the privacy policy of the provider must be reviewed and made available for families to view before it is used in the district. Please see the info on student data privacy and contact Linda Trenholm with any questions.

My computer is acting funny, what should I do?

  • Please take notes of the details of what is happening with the device. Is it your mouse that is not working properly? Do you get directed to a different website when you click on Chrome? It is helpful for us to have us much information as possible to determine if what you are having is a hardware or software issue. Contact Matt or Wayne by email or see Matt at his day at your school or stop by the tech office at MVHS.

Can I bring my own laptop/device to school to use? Can my students bring a home device to school?

  • Not without prior approval according to the staff policy GCSA-R and student policy IJNDB-R. The District provides what staff and students need to support instruction and school business. Personal devices are not allowed per district policy and any exceptions are through an approval process outlined in the policies. Exceptions are rare and have been for students who may have a unique accessibility need or taking a class outside of our general curriculum that requires different hardware specifications. Briefly, the reason is because of network security, network load, student and staff data privacy and accessibility, and equity. Students bringing personal devices to school without written approval from the technology director are in violation of district policy and should be referred to your school administrator. Cell phone procedures for both staff and student are handled by the school administrators. Personal cellphones are not put on the district network but may access the guest network.

I'd like to start a class website, blog, or facebook page - what do I do?

Class websites should only be created witin the school Google domain using google sites and then linked to the district website. Click here for information and guidelines for establishing classroom sites, blogs and facebook pages.

I'm not seeing what I think I need to in Infinite Campus?

Permissions are set according to position responsibility. Please contact Melissa Corbett with any questions.

How do I get notified of a school cancellation or delay?

Please see the information on School Messenger, the district notification system. All staff will receive messages according to the information they provide in Infinite Campus but they will still need to give approval to receive text messages. By using the School Messenger app/account portal, staff members can adjust the way they receive messages.

How am I supposed to communicate with parents/students?

First, talk to your school administrator. Technology guidelines around how staff members communicate with other staff, students, and families is outlined in district policies and procedures for use of approved services that have the ability to archive and retrieve communications when required.

I am a support staff member that also is required to do billing - where do I access a device to do billing and fill out my time card, or do student support?

In most cases, chromebooks are provided in carts for support staff to access as needed. Devices should be picked up and returned to the carts on a daily basis. Devices provided to support staff are generally not issued to individuals but to supervising teachers and are to be left in charging carts at school. Support staff are not paid/required to work at home so devices are not issued for home use. Depending upon your school, the cart(s) may be located in the library, or in a teacher's room. Also, each library has a few devices available for staff checkout.