We would like you to know that this catalog is currently not up to date. We are in the process of updating our files and will update this site at a later time (once we know exactly what we have right now).
Welcome to the 20th annual edition of the Medomak Valley High School Heirloom Seed Project.  The students involved in this ongoing project are in the second year of the applied botany course.  The seeds offered are grown and saved according to recommendations in 
Seed to Seed: Seed Saving Techniques for the Vegetable Gardner by Suzanne Ashworth.  This book is available through Amazon (linked here) or from the Seed Savers Exchange, 3076 North Winn Road, Decorah, Iowa, 52101.  

We urge you to join the Seed Savers Exchange ($40 annually).  Membership provides access to thousands of heirloom seeds from around the world.  Their annual publication, available with membership, contains over 300 pages of seed listings.  Many of our original seed sources were established through this catalog.  

Why Save Seeds?

The purpose of this catalog is two-fold.  We would like to locate as many locally grown, open pollinated seeds as possible.  Many of our seeds have been passed down from generation to generation and provide a wealth of information, memories and history.  We want to collect, document, and share these memories before they are lost and forgotten.  In several cases people who have provided us with family seeds during the last ten years have since passed away.  If the effort had not been made to save and catalog these seeds, they would be a lost memory of the good old days.  Secondly, and increasingly more importantly, is the act of saving seeds to promote biodiversity.  The unique genetic makeup of these seeds is the result of forces and situations that will never again be duplicated.  Whatever interesting qualities in the plant's taste, aesthetics, disease-resistance, or ability to grow in midcoast Maine, they are lost if the seeds are not passed on for others like you to perpetuate. 
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