Welcome to Mrs. Denton's 3-5 classroom website! On our class site you will find information about the units of study we are working on. There are videos of students working, learning presenting, etc.

Thank you all so much for filling out the parent survey. I got a lot of positive feedback which was great as well as a couple of helpful suggestions! I appreciate your feedback!

For each unit of study, there are specific learning targets taken form the report card.
Each student is given a copy of the learning target with the target activities attached. Students set a goal for themselves that aligns with each target activity then they score themselves based on their performance. I score them as well. Targets are made very clear as well as expectations and what activities we will be working on. This helps students see the big picture and also focus on their goal for each specific target.

This site is easy to navigate. Simply click on the appropriate tab for whatever subject you would like to learn more about. Links are to the left of the screen, also categorized by subject.

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Students working on our Code Of Cooperation

Students working on the Code Of Cooperation



                                                                                                Students working on reading projects
Our classroom environment was established at the beginning of the school year. Mrs Spinning's class and Mrs. Denton's class worked together to create a class vision and code of cooperation for the 3-5 grades. We looked at the school vision and discussed what it meant. We also looked at the school code of cooperation and discussed what that meant. We made comparisons and talked about whether we felt there were certain things we should put in our vision and code of cooperation or things we did not need.

When we were finished, all of the students signed both the vision and the code of cooperation. In Mrs. Denton's class, students have been doing very well following the code of cooperation and working toward the vision. We review both periodically to make sure we are all on track in order to get what we need out of our education!