Google Sites Introduction

Creating a Google Sites webpage may seem like a never-ending, painful task, but really, it's simple as there are many templates available for you to choose from. (See a quick, how to tutorial video below. Of course, it's a video so please feel free to pause and work and then replay if you've missed something!)

My focus on this website will be on the uses of Google Apps in education. My hope is that some day, teachers (and students alike), could potentially use Google Docs to capture their work. Google Sites is an excellent source for creating e-portfolios which provide learners with a structured way of recording their learning experiences. E-Portfolios can range from something as simple as a written document to photographs and videos. They also allow for reflection of learning and growth over time.

I know my students (and I!) would love to have a place for all of their work, where they wouldn't have the chance of it being deleted, lost, or "thrown away." Especially since many of my 8th graders "lose" their essays, homework, (you name it!), constantly!

Below is an example that I have created capturing my own work as a student teacher through documentation, photography, scanning, and uploading of files using Google Docs and Sites.

Google Sites Tutorial