The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date, accurate information about the Teacher and Administrator Incentive Fund grant that MSAD 11 was awarded in the fall of 2012.  This grant will last until spring 2018. The commonly used acronym for this grant is TIF 4.

Handbooks, Forms, Manual & Rubric

The most up-to-date district TEPG, LEPG, and SLO handbooks can be found here. 

These materials are viewable only to those with a MSAD#11 log-in.  If you are a district employee and you cannot view the materials below, please check to make sure you logged into your district Google account. 


From the Superintendent

Professional Development Resources

A collection of recommended articles, books, websites, and videos on a variety of topics, organized both by subject and by standard indicator.

Resources for SLO & Professional Goal Development

A quick link to the guidelines for developing and rubric for assessing professional goals and SLOs.  Among the information located here are sample SLOs, assessment resources, and links to SLO ideas from other states. 

MSAD #11 Data & Assessment Resources

This is a locked page, only available to MSAD #11 teachers and administrators.

TEPG Cohort Resources 

Calendar of TIF/TEPG-related Events

Contained here are calendars listing DSC, Facilitator, Cohort, and National Board Cohort Meeting dates.

District Steering Committee

National Board Resources

TIF Grant

A copy of the grant application, as well as a copy of the district's Memorandum of Understanding can be found here.

  MSFE & the
TIF Statewide Practitioners Group


This is a locked page, only available to MSAD #11 cohort facilitators.

For More Information,
contact Tara Marble,
MSAD#11 TIF Coordinator
at (207)582-5346
or tmarble@msad11.org.