Education should happen in a safe environment where every student of a diverse community, can learn mentally, physically and socially.  As a physical education teacher I will implement my philosophy in every lesson.  The students will learn mentally.  They will learn the skills of various games and activities, the concepts and rules of the games and the importance of abiding by those rules.  Physically, the students will learn how to move their body most efficiently, to perform whatever tasks they are doing, as well as learning the importance of having a  physically active and healthy lifestyle.  Possibly the most important part of physical education and all education may be the social aspect.  Teaching students the proper way to interact with their peers and people in authority, through games and activities, is crucial to the development of the child.  Social skills and character qualities are things the students will use every day for the rest of their lives.  Every single one of my lessons will reflect this philosophy and the students will benefit from it.