Week of October 25

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Principal’s message


As we approach the end of October and the end of the first marking period, it is important to focus on the conditions that promote optimal success for our students.  Students should be adjusted to the systems you have had in place since early September.  These systems should only function to promote and support the teaching and learning taking place in your classroom.

Make sure to follow the grading policy as you complete and submit the grades your students will receive for the first marking period.  The first marking period ends this Friday, October 30th.  Be prepared to share the data you used to assess your students to parents and guardians during parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday, November 16th.  BE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!  

There is a lot to celebrate at New Venture Academy.  The learning environment within so many of our classrooms is representative of the hard work and dedication that many of you possess.  There are also various initiatives that many of you are involved in.  One of the overarching goals of these initiatives is to provide students with an engaging and meaningful educational experience.  Some of the exciting things I noticed in the past week include:

  • The interdisciplinary collaboration Ms V. Sims brought about with the Bronx Museum. Ms. Wright’s 8th grade class will be visiting the museum this upcoming Thursday bringing art, literacy, and social studies together.  The 8th grade is reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  Great job Ms V. Sims and Ms. Wright!!
  • The work of the Title IID Project LEARN and the professional development being provided to our dedicated teachers.   The expectations of this grant include creating digital media products, student peer to peer collaboration, developing research skills and further development of their 21st century skills.  Thanks for your work in this area: Mr. DeJesus, Ms. Danos, Ms. Giraldi-Esteban, Ms. J. Sims and Mr. Mclean
  • Our Friday Technology planning is off to a great start.  Ms. Judith Lefevre from Teaching Matters has provided some useful insight in how to use technology in a more engaging way.  Thanks to Mr. Boston-Hill, Ms. Viverette, and Ms. Nicolosi for your support!!
  • We are all working hard to improve our school’s attendance.  We are one of 25 schools city-wide chosen to participate in the Mayor’s Initiative on Attendance Improvement.  Our YTD attendance is 90.2%. Keep up the effort to get us to 95% and thanks to our Attendance Team – Ms. Aponte, Ms. Wiggins, Ms. Humphrey, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Angulo, and Mr. Kaplan.
Our art and music program is off to a great start.  We are part of the Bronx Arts Leadership Team with the folks from Dreamyard.  Thanks to Ms. V. Sims, Mr. Mays, Mr. Pinckney and Mr. Renick for being members of this team.  Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Adewuyi’s students creating polyrhythmic music with percussion instruments.  Bravo Mr. Renick!!

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward

Be the teacher you want your own children to have.  Have a magnificent week. - DC

Week of October 4, 2010

posted Oct 12, 2010, 2:28 PM by New Venture Administrator

Principal’s message

In order to improve the level of communication between the community members of New Venture Academy we will be providing you with this weekly newsletter.  It is the goal of this newsletter to provide pertinent information about school activities, events and opportunities.  We will also include links to resources being provided by organizations throughout NYC.

Our school year is off to a good start as we are focused on providing meaningful learning experiences for our future leaders.  We must never lose sight of the fact that this work is dependent on a strong partnership between home and school.  As we develop this partnership, we will be able to share in the effort to provide our young people with the tools necessary to secure the careers of the 21st century.  

New Venture Academy is committed to providing students with rich learning opportunities.  This year we are starting a music program.  All students in grade 6 will receive music instruction as part of their instructional program.  Students in grade six will also be receiving desktop computers with flat screens this December as part of the NYC Connected Learning Initiative.  More information about this exciting initiative will be provided as it becomes available.

Many of our students have opportunities to participate in exciting enrichment programs that challenge them to achieve more.  This program is called Project Honor and it meets on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2:35pm to 3:25pm or later if students choose.

The Department of Education released the Progress Reports for the school year 2009 – 2010 and new Venture Academy received a letter grade of B.  Congratulations to all and let’s strive for an A this year!

As it is the goal of this newsletter to provide you with timely and useful information please do not hesitate to give us feedback so we can improve the quality of this publication.

Respectfully yours,

Dominic A. Cipollone, Principal

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