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Our School Mission

At The New Venture Academy our mission is to create, promote, and sustain a school community with a culture of mutual support, respect and collective responsibility for the educational and holistic development of the middle level learner.


At The New Venture Academy we believe in the inherent right of all students to learn. Through the application of a technology infused curriculum, students will deepen their knowledge by pursuing a rigorous, purposeful, and standards-based course of study that considers the learning needs of the individual.


At The New Venture Academy we believe all of our students can develop into ethical, cooperative, and tolerant citizens who will make positive contributions in a multi-cultural world.









Our School Values

Determination-quotes for each word

Our Vision

The New Venture Academy at the Charles R. Drew Educational Campus will be one of the most successful middle schools in New York City.  Ninety-percent of students who graduate from the eighth grade will achieve at levels three and four as measured by state assessments in literacy and mathematics.


We will provide an environment that is student friendly where the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs specific to middle-level learners will be met.

A curriculum that is academically rigorous and inquiry-based will be the cornerstone.  Data will be used to provide a lens into the progression of a student’s academic growth.  Students, parents, and teachers will share ideas and information about knowledge acquisition through a greater understanding and utilization of data.  Students will be prepared to lead successful and productive lives as members of the world community in the 21st Century.