Foods in Taichung

As everybody knows, there are lots of delicous food in Taichung. I’d like to introduce these foods and something interesting that merely only people in Taichung know.

Think about Taichungs specailty, many people might think of sun cake(太陽餅).

Yes! It’s also a specailty that Taichung people will mention when they introduce there hometown.

Sun cake is made of maltose(麥芽糖), it also called maltose cake before. Because its shape look like the sun, so people then called it sun cake.

When you come to Taichung, you may want to buy some and take it home. But,  its no doubt that something might trouble youfrom Ziyou Road(自由路)to Zhongqing Road(中清路), there are about more than 200 stores sold sun cake and all of them are called “太陽堂”! Which store you should choose? That will be a question. And, to make the decision even harder, every stores claim that they are the origin one and the oldest one. Also, because there is a sunflower wall-painting in the origin store, every store copy that and put a sunflower picture in their stores.

Taichungs people recognize 魏清海 as the founder of the sun cake. He invent sun cake at 1949.The store he fund is located at No.23, Sec. 2, Ziyou Rd(自由路223)and the sunflower wall-painting is made of tile .


There are many ways to eat sun cake. You can just eat it without any drinks, you can use hot water brew it before you eat, or you can use almond tea(杏仁茶) or milk brew it. All of these ways will be great!

There are still many famous and delicious food in Taichung in addition to Sun Cake, which I introduced last time. For example, pineapple cake(鳳梨酥), YiXin Dried Tofu(一心豆干), Chicken Feet Jelly(雞腳凍), FengRen Shaved Ice(豐仁冰) are all from Taichung.

pineapple cake

YiXin Dried Tofu

Chicken Feet Jelly

FengRen Shaved Ice

And, like other places in Taiwan, there are also many night markets in Taichung.

FengChia Night Market(逢甲夜市) is the most famous one and its also the biggest night market in Taiwan. There are more than 1600 stores in this market. You can find food that satisfy you at both prices and tastes. A lunch box(便當) with 40NT dolars and hand-pulled noodles(拉麵) with 50 NT dolars. And FengChia Night Market is also the places that first sold small octopus balls(章魚小丸子), sausage(大腸包小腸), crepe(可麗餅), and iced candied fruit(冰鎮糖葫蘆). Isnt it unbelievable?



  • 一中豐仁冰 (Yizong Fong Ran Ice)

一中豐仁冰 (Yizong Fong Ran Ice) is located in 6 Yee Tsai Street (育才街6). The stand has a white board with the name of the shop on it. In summer, you may have to wait in line for a long time because it’s very popular. The specialty is 豐仁冰 (Fong Ran Ice). This is crushed ice mixed with plum juice, red beans, and ice cream. If you want to eat this at the shop, you must ask for a bowl 一碗 (Yi Wan). If you want it to go, you must ask for 一杯 (Yi Bei).



Food and Drink Vendors at Yizhong Street

  • 青蛙下蛋 (Ching Wa Sha Dan)

This drinks vendor is located at 43 Yizhong Street, opposite the 水利大樓 (Shuei Li Building). They sell drinks made with gelatin mixed with milk or brown sugar water. It has a big white sign with a green and orange words, and there is a picture of a frog beside the words. You can choose what you want from the board, and order 一杯 (Yi Bay) for one. 青蛙下蛋 (Ching Wa Sha Dan) also sells vegetarian gelatin combined with lemon. The price is between 25 and 30NT.


  • 半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau)

半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau) is at 31 Yutsai South Street (育才南街31) across from the 水利大樓 (Shuei Li Building). This is the tallest building in the area There’s a yellow sign with a big sign with black letters that say半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau). Under the sign, there are five pictures that show different kinds of pancakes. There are pork, corn, tuna, chicken and beef. These may be ordered with or without cheese. This shop also sells pancakes made with fried eggs and Chinese basil. They cost 35 to 40NT. You can just point at one of the pictures to order, and you can pay 5 dollars to add cheese. To order a chicken flavor for one, you should say 一份雞肉燒 (Yi Fen Ji Rou Shau). It costs 35NT. The vendor will ask you 加起司嗎 (Jia Chisz Ma?), means “ Do you want to add cheese?

  • 臭豆腐 (Chou Tofu)

This vendor is on Yizhong Street across from 胖子雞丁 (Ponz Ji Ding). The sign si white and red words say 臭豆腐. This vendor has been in business for thirty years. They sell only stinky tofu. This is the small brown squares of fried stinky tofu that many vendors sell, but it’s always fresh and well-prepared. You can say 一份小的 (Yi fen shiao de) for a small box, it costs 30NT, or 一份大的 (Yi fen da de) for a bigger box that costs 40NT. The seller will ask you “Jia la ma?”, which means do you want it spicy. You can choose to eat it there or get it to go.