What materials do I need for art?

An ART SHIRT is a must! We get messy and not all materials can be stain free.  IF a student is
truly in need of a shirt and cannot get one, I collect old shirts and can give him/her one.  I cannot
lend shirts because of health and disease transfer issues and no laundry at school.

How often will I have art?

Our school is on a 5-day schedule so you will have art on one of the 5
days of the schedule. (i.e. on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3....) The schedule does
not follow the Monday through Friday work week. Day 1, for instance, could
occur on a Thursday. So the answer to the question is: once every five days.

Will I get my artwork back?

All artwork is returned by the end of the school year. Occasionally,
projects are kept to be displayed at the school or in a show before being
returned. So, you will get to keep the artwork you make here.

Do I get graded in art?

Yes, but please don't worry about grades. If a student does the assignment
and works well in class, there should never be a problem. We are you using theĀ 
3, 2, 1 grading scale like the rest of the classes this year.  

How do I get in Celebrate Art?

Celebrate Art is a district art show we put on toward the end of the school year.  Since display space for artwork is limited, only aboutĀ 
10% of students at Lincoln Trail have work selected for the show.  The work for the show is selected by the art teacher and represents 
art projects that were produced in the art classroom.  About 60-70 pieces are selected from the almost 700 students at our school.  
The work is displayed and receives a ribbon for being in the show.  To be picked for the show means something was really good about the art that was chosen.  About two weeks before the show is hung for viewing, a team of judges selects on artwork from each shool to
be "Best of Show" for each school.  They also award about ten "Honorable Mentions" to each school.  

Celebrate Art is a fun celebration of art with not only the show, but also games, art-making, and demonstrations by professional artists. The show is not just for those students who had work selected.  It is for other students to come see what kind of work was selected and to have fun and learn more about art in our district.
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