Ms. Harris, a student teacher from Illinois State University, will be here until December 8th. We are pleased to have her in the art room,
especially since she herself went through the Mahomet-Seymour schools as a student.


What materials do I need for art?

An ART SHIRT is a must! We get messy and not all materials can be stain free.  IF a student is
truly in need of a shirt and cannot get one, I collect old shirts and can give him/her one.  I cannot
lend shirts because of health and disease transfer issues and no laundry at school.

How often will I have art?

Our school is on a 5-day schedule so you will have art on one of the 5
days of the schedule. (i.e. on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3....) The schedule does
not follow the Monday through Friday work week. Day 1, for instance, could
occur on a Thursday. So the answer to the question is: once every five days.

Will I get my artwork back?

All artwork is returned by the end of the school year. Occasionally,
projects are kept to be displayed at the school or in a show before being
returned. So, you will get to keep the artwork you make here.

Do I get graded in art?

Yes, but please don't worry about grades. If a student does the assignment
and works well in class, there should never be a problem. We are you using theĀ 
3, 2, 1 grading scale like the rest of the classes.

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