Welcome to The Ag Department at Mahomet-Seymour High School

Welcome to the Agriculture Department web page at Mahomet-Seymour High School! The Agriculture Department at the High School and Mahomet-Seymour FFA's primary goal is to lead, assist, encourage, and motivate students toward premier leadership, academic achievement, personal growth, and career success.  We are committed to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through a variety of opportunities and resources in Agricultural Education and the FFA. 

Students have a great deal of hands-on and real world applications in Agriculture courses.  “Students gain great skills in Ag to assist them in future careers,” said Jennifer Wherley, Ag Instructor at Mahomet Seymour High School.  “Plus, enrolling in Ag classes, allow students to join the largest youth leadership organization in the world—the National FFA organization."  Agricultural classes offer students the chance to apply class concepts to a possible career through class activities and competitions.  Agriculture students utilize cutting edge technology in multiple state-of-the-art facilities, including the greenhouse, Agriculture Business store, and Agriculture Mechanics lab.  Courses offered include:

NEW CLASS FOR 2018 Agriculture Leadership
Looking for a hands-on class full of activity? Agriculture Leadership is the course for you!  This course is designed to develop student knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership techniques, intra-personal communications, and goal-setting processes.  Student skills will be enhanced in reading comprehension, writing, and communication practices by exploring a variety of leadership styles and models.  The class will develop and establish a student’s Personal Leadership Certificate Portfolio at the conclusion of the course.  

Agriculture Business
What are two of the top requests students make after high school graduation? Money and the need to quickly obtain a job rise to the top of this list.  Students in Agriculture Business have the unique opportunity to achieve both while investing in their future.  Students engage in a variety of economic subjects such as marketing, global trade, business management, microeconomics, and tax and business law.  After gaining these skill-sets in the classroom, students team up as company directors to manage a viable business:The Mahomet Seymour High Ag Supply Store and Greenhouse.  
In addition, this course FULFILLS the consumer education graduation course requirement. Recently, the store has partnered with Prairie Land Feeds in Savoy to offer not only the business’s product lines, but also gain valuable learning experiences and opportunities  All proceeds from this store are issued to students in the form of a scholarship upon graduation.  In addition, these students gain valuable experiences in managing a business as well as professional practices, such as interpersonal communication skills.    

Horticulture Science

is one of the few classes at Mahomet Seymour High School in which students can also gain college transferrable credit at Parkland College.  As one of the fastest-growing Agriculture career fields, this class quickly becomes a student favorite with its unique hands-on experiences.  From designing landscape blueprints to creating corsages, students can make and take home many personally designed projects such as a holiday wreaths, Floral arrangements, corsages, and terrariums.  Students grow from seed, plugs, and cuttings a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the school greenhouse.  In addition, students partner with a local business to design, grow and install cascading floral pot displays.   

Also, students quickly gain a knowledge base of more than 450 plants and their benefits. Students gain dual credit from being enrolled in this course at Parkland College and is transferable to many colleges.

Agriculture Mechanics
Welding, Electricity, Surveying, GPS, and small engines are just a few of the popular units students can explore when they enroll in the Agriculture Mechanics course at the High School.  In this course, students  gain a skill set for the workforce in a variety of topics including interpreting legal description of land, wiring diverse electrical circuit situations, cutting of metal with a torch and plasma cutter,  proper bead completions through Metal Inert Gas welding, Shielded Metal Arc welding, and Oxy-acetylene welding, and calculating the slope of land.     In addition, students can apply these acquired skill sets first hand in the High School’s applied electrical lab room and welding shop. At completion of this class, students construct their own adjustable light stand for the final exam, which is on display at Bulldog Pride Night.

With the knowledge base from Agriculture Mechanics, students can enroll in the upper level Power Mechanics course.  In this class, students analyze the major systems of small engines.  From regular maintenance to major remodels, students apply course work in the classroom to labs in the power shop.  A major application of this course work is the hands-on opportunity students have to rebuild older equipment such as bicycles, lawn mowers, and tractors.  Students completing this class have the chance to apply for the dual-credit Automotive program at Parkland College.


Students can enroll in Biological Science Applications in Agriculture (BSAA) or Physically Science Applications in Agriculture (PSAA) for science credit at Mahomet Seymour High School.  Both of these courses perform intense scientific research and design their own Agriscience research project in which they can exhibit for prize money at our local Agri-Science fair.   In the course, BSAA students study concepts of animal and plant biology and engage in a variety of hands-on labs, such as DNA extraction, chicken embryology, and dissections.  

Hydroponics, animal reproduction, genetics, nutrition, plant and animal anatomy, animal health, and animal physiology are some of the popular units in this course.  In PSAA, students study alternative energy, soils, water applications, physical science practicums, and food science.  Both of these courses are science credits for graduation. 

Introduction to Agriculture


Agriculture is vital to our society’s existence and is one of the broadest departments at the High School.  From floral design to tractor repair, the Introduction to Agriculture course studies units that deal with the Agriculture industry’s need to clothe, feed, and provide shelter for the world.  Students in the course study a variety of topics including leadership, team-building, goal-setting, meat science, parliamentary procedure, animal breeds and product needs, environmental science, crop and weed science, global geographic economics and civic need.  

In addition, students have the opportunity to join FFA, the largest youth organization in the nation that focuses on premier leadership, career success, and personal growth.