• What do you want?
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  • My family
    張貼者:2014年4月27日 下午11:16Ciao Sin CIEETRC
  • Making Pen Friends from England  To Caleb from Gary  To Jakelynd from Jason To James from Andrew To Harlan from Shane      To Alfie from Jonathan To Connor from Jerry      To Jacob from Kevin To Daniel ...
    張貼者:2014年1月1日 下午7:02賴松禧
  • International Pen Pals Date: 2011/12 ~ 2012/2         A surprising gift we got from Throston Primary School by the end of 2011: 48 letters written by their first and second grades students, showing ...
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午8:39賴松禧
  • Christmas Cards Making Date: 2011/12         Students of Ciao Sin sent their handmade Christmas cards, in both Chinese and English, to the head teacher, teachers and students of Thorston Primary School before Christmas ...
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  • International Story Weaver @ Ciao Sin Elementary School  
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午3:17賴松禧
  • Teachers and Students of Dae Jung Visiting Ciao Sin Date: 2011/9 1. Performance of Korean Traditional Culture (Taekwondo, Korean Traditional Dance)2. Group Activity: Each group contains 8 students from Ciao Sin and 4 from Dae Jung)a ...
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午3:11賴松禧
  • School Inspector of Incheon and Teacher Representatives Visiting Ciao SIn Date: 2011/7         Inspector of Incheon(CCOC partner county of Changhua) and three school representatives visted Ciao Sin Elementary School. Although it was summer vacation time, we shower huge hospitality ...
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午3:09賴松禧
  • Video Conference with Mark and Emma 2011-05-11
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午3:07賴松禧
  • Timeline of Ciao Sin and Throston
    張貼者:2013年4月26日 上午3:06賴松禧
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