Get Away Special Team

Welcome to the Get Away Special Team's website.  We are a group of mostly undergraduate students who get involved with space research in any way we can.  We work on the projects mainly on a volunteer basis and receive little to no monetary aid.  

The team began in 1976 when R. Gilbert Moore attended a conference where NASA administrators announced the development of a new opportunity for space research aboard the newly-designed space shuttle.  Moore was so enthused with the educational possibilities of this program that he stood up in the middle of the presenter's speech and wrote a check for the first Get Away Special (GAS) payload reservation. 

Since then, NASA has discontinued the GAS program but our team continued.  Although we did pass through a time when we were called the Microgravity Research Team (MRT), we have since gotten in touch with our roots and are the Get Away Special Team at Utah State University.

The team has been the leader in maintaining Utah State University’s sterling reputation (held together with a little duct tape) as the university that has flown more experiments into space than any other university in the world.

One of our main research projects is the our FUNBOE project.  It is meant to study boiling dynamics in microgravity.  A few of our other projects are the construction of a CubeSat, a lunar dust simulant charging experiment, and experiments for space flight participants.   More information about our various projects can be found by clicking the links to the left.   

Meeting Times for various Groups:

  • Weekly Team Meeting - Wed. 5:00 SER 244 (Physics Conference room)
If you would like us to visit your school or group, find our contact info on the outreach section of our FUNBOE page, under the teacher resources tab.

Or just send an email to