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Dual-Arm Space Robot Teleoperation

Fig. 1 Organization of DARTS(Dual-Arm Robot Teleoperation in Space).

Fig. 3

DARTS(Dual-Arm Robot Teleoperation in Space) consists of the space system, the ground system, and the software development system.

Fig. 2 A look of the DARTS setup.

Figure 3 shows the construction of the slave system based in space. The part of the space system is composed of a dual-arm manipulator system and two controlling computers. The manipulator system has 7 degree of freedom in each slave arm and is named as Paired-Arm (P-ARM). A 6-axis force/torque sensor is mounted at the tip of each arm, and a BarrettHand is used as a multipurpose hand for each of the two. This hand can grasp objects of many shapes. The image processing system contains an image processor board and a vision tracking board in it. An ordinary PC compatible machined equipped with the real time OS VxWorks controls P-ARM, BarrettHand and the force/torque sensors. Another machine equipped with Linux controls the image processing system. Linux is a free operating system, yet it can run many powerful softwares like Lisp and MATLAB etc.