Space Robotics

What is Space Robotics?

Space robotics is the development of general purpose machines that are capable of surviving the rigors of the space environment, and performing exploration, assembly, construction, maintenance, servicing or other tasks that may or may not have been fully understood at the time of the design of the robot. Space robots are generally
designed to do multiple tasks, including unanticipated tasks, within a broad sphere of competence.Robot is a mechanical body with the brain of a computer. Integrating the sensors and the actuators and with the help of the computers, we can use it to perform the desired tasks. Robot can do hazardous jobs and can reach places where it's difficult for human beings to reach. Robots, which substitute the manned activities in space, are known as space robots. The interest in this field led to the development of new branch of technology called space robotics.Space robots are important to our overall ability to operate in space because they can perform tasks less 

expensively or on an accelerated schedule, with less risk and occasionally with improved performance over 

humans doing the same tasks. They operate for long durations, often “asleep” for long periods before their 

operational mission begins. They can be sent into situations that are so risky that humans would not be 

allowed to go.

There are four key issues in Space Robotics. These are Mobility—moving quickly and accurately between 

two points without collisions and without putting the robots, astronauts, or any part of the worksite at risk, 

Manipulation—using arms and hands to contact worksite elements safely, quickly, and accurately without 

accidentally contacting unintended objects or imparting excessive forces beyond those needed for the task, 

Time Delay—allowing a distant human to effectively command the robot to do useful work, and Extreme 

Environments—operating despite intense heat or cold, ionizing radiation, hard vacuum, corrosive atmospheres, very fine dust, etc.  

Robonaut is a humanoid robot designed by

the Robot Systems Technology Branch at NASA's Johnson

Space Center in a collaborative effort with DARPA.

Robonaut Space Robot

Mobile Servicing System (MSS)

The Mobile Servicing System’s external components

Illustration of 17 DOF anthropomorphic manipulator with attached end-effector "hands" and vision system "head" building space station framework.