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Pop Art & Mother day card

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For this assignment I started again a lot of time. This was pretty complicated if it was the first time that you do that. Before I started I thought that this would be easy, you just had to follow the tutorial and then you were done. Then I discovered that the photoshops' version were different(tutorial and the one that I use), so It was difficult to find the functions, for example to invert the selection, in the tutorial there was written:invert the selection CTRL+Shft+i. I tried to do what was asked, but it doesn't work, so I looked for this function among all the others one by one. The other difficult thing was that(following the tutorial) if you forgot to do something or did wrongly then everything after that would not work. For example when I was almost starting to color It, I couldn't see my face, what I only saw was the background and I didn't know where was the problem, I tried again twice, then I found out that I changed the blend mode on the "white" layer to Multiply, not on the "dots"(what was I supposed to do). The last part, to put it on the mother day card, was the easiest and fastest part, also because I didn't have a lot of time.