proprio bionic foot


The world's first intelligent foot module, the PROPRIO FOOT provides unprecedented physiological benefits for transtibial amputees. A wide and automated range of ankle flexion with proven Flex-Foot® dynamics means function is as close as you can get to the human foot today.

The PROPRIO FOOT thinks for itself, responding beautifully to changing terrain and transforming the approach to stairs and slopes, as well as level-ground walking. Angling itself appropriately, it also helps amputees to sit and stand up easily and more naturally. The PROPRIO FOOT also has a calibrated alignment control feature. Overall, the effect is a feeling of improved proprioception with a more balanced, symmetric and confident gait.

Product Highlights:

  • Cutting edge sensor technology and artificial intelligence identifies sloping gradients and theascent or descent of stairs after the first step, and instructs the ankle to flex appropriately. Users can place the foot fully on a step when climbing or descending stairs and it will automatically adapt its ankle position to enable the next step.
  • This active ankle motion also allows users to tuck both feet back behind their knees whengetting up from a chair or sitting down. It also points the "toe" down for a more natural appearance once seated. When walking, it automatically gives the 'toe' a lift at the exact moment in swing phase that will allow sufficient ground clearance.
  • This anatomically correct response creates a more symmetrical and balanced gait, reducing the need to "hip hike" when walking or compromise stability by rolling over the edge of a step when going down stairs. Nor is there any need to load the entire body weight on the sound limb when getting out of a chair. 
  • Despite its sophisticated technology, the PROPRIO FOOT has an extremely user-friendly design and is easy to set up and operate. During a simple calibration process involving 15 steps the device evaluates and memorizes an individual's unique gait pattern. It also has a calibrated alignment control feature.
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