What Makes Me, Me?


Identities & Relationships

Identity Formation
Roles & Role Models


Stories are defined by our real world experiences and the works of others.
 Key Concept:

How much do our everyday experiences, interactions and relationships create our personal narratives?
Related Concepts:


Our History Provides Our Identity

A Photo Journal Project


To be successful in this unit, you will need to:

  • work collaboratively and independently
  • explore important events that have happened in your life
  • craft effective descriptions of these important events using interesting adjectives and clear paragraphs
  • deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts
  • explore how my personal experiences in life - including my reading and writing - have shaped who I am today
  • create a scrap book photo journal of five key events or experiences from your past that you believe define who you are and what makes you, you

Assessment Objectives

A: Analysing
iii. justify opinions and ideas, using examples, explanations and terminology

B: Organizing
ii. organize opinions and ideas in a sustained, coherent and logical manner

C: Producing text
i. produce texts that demonstrate insight, imagination and sensitivity while exploring and reflecting critically on new perspectives and ideas arising from personal engagement with the creative process
ii. make stylistic choices in terms of linguistic, literary and visual devices, demonstrating awareness of impact on an audience
iii. select relevant details and examples to develop ideas

D: Using language
iii. use correct grammar, syntax and punctuation
iv. spell (alphabetic languages), write (character languages) and pronounce with accuracy
Project Details

Create a five page photo journal/scrap book to mark the five key experiences that you believe define who you are.

Each page MUST have:-
  • an imaginative and appropriate title
  • a photograph as the main focus
  • a paragraph describing, explaining and commenting on its context, importance and significance in your life
  • additional items that enhance the photograph and the text
Each page can be different in colour, theme, layout, etc. All must show careful planning and thought.

You should also include:- 
  • a front cover with your name and an interesting title
  • an introductory paragraph on the inside or first page
  • a final paragraph on the back or last page, reflecting and summing up your photo journal