Reading Circles

Reading Circles

Learning Intention: to enjoy shared reading

Success Criteria:
* I will read at least two Red Dot novels as part of a group
* I will talk about the structure and organisation of texts (RAF4)
* I can explain and comment on writer's uses of language (RAF5)
* I can think about the books in their cultural, social and historical contexts (RAF7)
* I can help my group complete the tasks to help other groups understand and appreciate the book

List of books

You must read Little White Duck PLUS at least TWO of the following with your group.

Little White Duck*
The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas
The Weight of Water
Doll Bones
Flora and Ulysses

* everyone must read this one

You can also choose some titles from the  Red Dot Mature Readers selection:

Boxers and Saints
The First Third
172 Hours on the Moon
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
The Diviners
Eleanor & Park
Never Fall Down
Reading Circle Decisions

Review the books by completing the table, then gather together and decide on your plan of action!