This unit asks us to think about the need for
social consciousness in the world; embarking on an exploration of what literature can teach us about ourselves and how we respond to others, ultimately, it asks us to think deeply about the overarching questions:

Do you dare to be yourself?

Do you dare to let others be themselves?

Through reading, writing, thinking and speaking, we will explore the themes of conformity, individuality, tolerance and prejudice. This unit will allow you to gain confidence in your individuality, to find the strength to really be yourself as well as grow in your reading, writing, researching and comprehension skills. Through analysis of a novel and by seeing the world through the characters' perspectives, it is hoped that these important issues will impact on your life and how you behave within it.

The novel 'Stargirl' encompasses many themes relevant to you at this time of your lives; the novel will allow you to make connections and gain strength in skills necessary for secondary school and beyond.