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Market Day

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What a fantastic Market Day we had! Here is what we thought....

Market Day by Hayyan Suri R 17

Yesterday we had a fabulous day because it was market day. It was a bright happy and clear day. Pupil management decided to have Market Day to earn money for Slime Day or maybe for the playground. Muhammad Sahad me and Taufeeq decided to have a wonderful stall of Connect Four.

We earned more than we thought and that was $20.  We all bought some lollies and stationery and also my friend Harsh gave a packet of Smarties also. Some came to play in our stall three times because they loved it plus because we were giving free lollies even if they lost.

“Dude look what I got”, said Muhammad Sahad, “A little box strawberries.”

“So?” I asked.

“No no no I just got it for $1!” said Muhammad.

Some people then also said that our stall was tremendous!               

Market Day by Krish Tailor

“Can I play this? “(Krish) “here we go!!’’

On Tuesday 7th November 2017 the year 1 to 6’s had Market Day.

Ben, Wolfgang, Tereana, Aniva and I did Bullet Fury (with nerf guns.) I bought the Nerf guns to school for my group.

First were the juniors.  Ben and I took care of the game while Aniva Tereana and Wolfgang were taking the juniors around. First up a whole class came up to the deck and wanted to play at our stall. Then 5 juniors made us shocked by aiming in the middle even with people shouting at them. Then a little while later one boy came up with $5 and we only had $3.76 so we had to give him a free shot. Then we told Mrs Roberts and we got some more money.  Then……..a year 6 came up and said he wanted to have 2 goes so I got so confused because Ben was in the horror show and the rest were playing games and eating. So I was by myself and I didn’t know where the prizes were! Guess what the bullet got stuck on the other side and Mrs Roberts came to try and get it but... Tough luck I couldn’t get it!

Ben came back and I told him EVERyTHING. So remember that when you're by yourself it is pretty hard. After that, we packed up and it was lunch time after that it was a normal school day.

I wonder if we will do it again?!

Market Day

On a sunny day it was Market Day and it was the last day to bring in prizes for our stall. Our group brought in nothing until the last day for bringing prizes in. I brought pens/magnets and 15 Chocolates. Muhammad S Brought in some lollies. We raised about $10 - $17 Overall Maximum. We shouted out like this, “PLAY CONNECT 4 FOR 50C AND IF YOU LOSE YOU GET 1 PRIZE AND IF YOU WIN YOU GET 2 PRIZES OR ONLY BUY CHOCOLATES FOR 50C AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLAY THE CONNECT 4 GAME!” That was kind of a long sentence but we broke off a little bit of it and connected it together. Market Day was a really busy day and the Pupil Management prepared Market Day for us. Another group of our class raised about $20 - $50 and that was amazing, I was like, “WHAT! YOU RAISED THAT MUCH!” Another group of our class raised a bit more than our group and they had an ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! I got a nose block with that much coldness!


Taufeeq Ameen

Market day

By Muhammad Saad R 17

On a sunny hot day, it was the Market Day. It was the best day ever, we had lots of fun.We were earning for our new playground. I brought in some lollies for prizes and Taufeeq brought some as well. We earned  $17 dollars. We bought stuff for ourselves too. It was the best.

The pupil management organised it for us.There was chocolate and juice and food and ice cream...everyone was walking around buying stuff and playing and winning. They just loved it and enjoyed it like it was the best thing they did in their whole life. Juniors came first then the seniors came it was mean, we gave out candy.

Kelly Tarlton's

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The Year 5 classes have been lucky enough to visit Kelly Tarlton's Sealife Aquarium and have a SLEEPOVER! Have a look at some of the great photos...

Movie Review Writing

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Rocketer-Director Dave Stevens Reviewed By Tharin

Pandora By Evarose


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Response/Review Writing Year 5

We are writing reviews on books we are currently reading in Year 5. Read on and see if we have convinced you to read some of these books....!

By: Cadee Book Review, There is a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom Maheen

Book Review by Krish


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Rooms 14 and 16 enjoying their trip to the Stardome as part of their science topic, The Moon.

Speech Competition

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Year 5 and 6 Speech Finals

The Year 5 and 6 Speech Competition was held on Thursday 15th June. All the speeches were so well written, informative and entertaining. Congratulations to the first second and third place getters, and to all 8 finalists! A big thank you to Mrs Dempsey for judging too...what a tough decision it must have been!


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Room 15 enjoyed a fantastic hotdog lunch courtesy of Auckland Transport. We were the lucky winners of the Travelwise competition which challenged us to get to school using a variety of transport other than cars. We walked, rode bikes and took the bus. 
Thanks Auckland Transport and Room 16 for running the competition. 


Stardome trip

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Rooms 15 and 17 had an AMAZING trip to the Stardome....

Crazy Hair Day

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The Pupil Management committee held a 'Crazy Hair' day to raise money for child cancer. What do you think of some of the crazy hairstyles...??

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