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The Year 2 syndicate have been busy creating models to show their Science learning about SPACE!

Stardome visit:

Vanessa and Josh from the Stardome came to visit us this week. All the year 2 children loved the sessions. There were lots of resources to try out and the students were really curious! Children will be investigating and answering their own questions over the next weeks. 

The planets in our solar system move around our star. Josh was the sun in this video and the children were the planets that rotated around the sun.

Fun fact: the name of our sun is SOL.

Star dome video

We have started our new topic on SPACE!
The teacher from the Stardome observatory will be visiting us at school on 
Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th October. Please send $2 to school to contribute to the cost of this visit. Thanks!

Check out the Stardome Observatory at

Our children are very curious about this topic! 
We will work together to find the answers to questions that children have about space. 
\Here are some of the children's questions:
How was the solar system made?
Which is the biggest planet and what is it made up of?
How many types of stars are there?
How were the stars made?
Why do some planets have rings around them?
Why is the sun so hot?
How was the Earth created?
Is there water on any other planet?
Why does the moon have spots on it?
Why do people go into space?

Year 2 children have been using different materials to measure the length and width of different objects. You can have a go at measuring different things at home using equipment or even a ruler. 

Welcome to Y2 Junior Assembly - Introduction

Room 29 - Fractions & Art

Room 28 - Butterfly Art & Poetry

Room 27 - Our Topic of Plants

Room 26 - Te reo Maori Song and Dance

Junior Choir in Action

Week 2 Year 2 merit award winners. Congratulations!

Here are some photos from room 28's trip to the Auckland Museum. The children loved visiting all the different parts of the museum. 

Room 26 - Sharing Ideas during Oral Language

Room 26 enjoying our Dance lesson

The year 2 classes had their first dance lessons this week. The children explored moving around like different animals and they had a lot of fun!

Gallery Walk in Room 26.MOV

Problem Solving in Room 26.MOV

Room 26 at Music.MOV

Room 26 learning to drum at Music.MOV

Room 26 Reading.MOV

Auckland Museum Trip
What do butterflies eat?
How are their body parts special?
What are baby "butterflies" like?!

It's not long to go until the year 2 classes will be visiting the Auckland Museum to find out about the Secret World of Butterflies! You will find the answers to the questions above and many more interesting facts.

Trip dates:

Monday 30 July 2018 ( Rooms 26 and 27 )

Tuesday 31 July 2018 ( Rooms 28 and 29 )

Families, please contribute $10 towards the cost of the trip and let your child's teacher know if you can help to supervise on the day.
Click here take a sneak peek at the exhibition.

Here are some photos of some children that have received Merit Awards this year:

Library Visit Term 1 Room 28

Updated 16th March 2018

Miss Maitland will be learning how to insert hyperlinks into the website during week 7! For now, please copy the link and paste it into your browser... 

Here are some fun and free family events you might like to check out this weekend. Children could use these ideas for writing next week...

The Pasifika Festival

Volvo Ocean Race Auckland Stopover
Image result for volvo ocean race auckland

The Big Hoot
Scavenger Hunt/ Game around Auckland
Download the app on the App Store (free)
Image result for The Big Hoot

St Paddy's Day Festival

Miss Maitland is racing in this team event in Whakatane on Saturday. Spirited Women's Adventure Race in Whakatane. You can track her team through a tracker. (There's an app to download...) The team's name is The Awesome Foursome.

Have a happy weekend!

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Room 29 showed some of their learning at the Junior Assembly on Friday. The theme of their assembly was Being Sunsmart. They had researched facts about the sun and the reasons why people in New Zealand need to be "sun smart". 
They showed some art which was made by cutting and colouring. The children showed what they had learned about how to pastels effectively by using "hot" colours. 
Thank you room 29 for sharing your learning with the Juniors and the families that attended assembly. 
Photos to follow...

Our next Junior assembly is on Friday 9th March at 10:50am. Room 27 will be sharing their learning then.

Welcome to the Year 2 web page and blog!

Please scroll down to see what we have been doing this year.

Thank you Rm 28 for the colourful background art.

Room 25 created Spider web using string and paper plates and made little spiders using egg carton to end our Spider unit for the term.

posted Dec 13, 2017, 7:50 PM by Gayatri Hatanaka

On 8th of December 2017, we had our Junior Athletics Day. Room 25- participation certificate winners.

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Video 3- Room 26 - Kelly Tarlton - The Spinning Tunnel

posted Nov 29, 2017, 2:32 PM by Gayatri Hatanaka

Kelly Tarlton - The Spinning Tunnel

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