Mrs. Walters Wonderful Website

Welcome to my website. Here is the place where you will learn about me and my classroom. My name is Aggie Walters. I started teaching in 1987. I started my career in LAUSD and joined MUSD in 1994 at Flory school. I opened Walnut Canyon School in 1998 while we were under construction and spread out across the city. In 2014 I took a classroom break and was working in the MUSD district office teaching both students and teachers. I n 2017 I returned to Walnut Canyon and started teaching 5th grade. I live in Moorpark with my husband Glen, our two dogs and cat. Our children Katee and Sam who both attended Walnut Canyon are grown and living on their own. From the photos below you can tell that I enjoy being very active and spending time with my family and friends.

Introducing Mrs. Walters
The Best thing in 5th Grade