College Club Meeting Presentations

Meeting Presentation archive, Application Calendar, My College Workbook; Clean your Email Inbox NOW!; Creating CSU/UC application accounts; Save EVERYTHING!
Naviance; FERPA waiver; Brag Packets; Transcripts; Other high schools; SAT / ACT scores; AP scores; Starting your UC Personal Statements

Guest Speaker: Nancy Regas for Albion College (Oct 2)

Demographics, Test Scores, Majors, EAP, HS & College Courses, Activities
EOP and comparable programs, Computing GPA, Fee waiver; Personal Insight Questions, Clean up social media

Open lab day for application work on computers and to answer student questions (Oct 23)

No meeting due to 4.0 reception (Oct 30)

SAT / ACT / AP scores, mid-year transcripts; Proofreading application

          Editing and revising your UC personal statements
Submitting your applications; Our deadline is Nov 22!!
Email; ELM / EPT / Entry Level Writing Requirement and Exemptions; Early Start Program (CSU); Freshman Academic Success Track (SDSU); SDSU Precalculus and Chemistry readiness; SDSU CLEP Testing

Meeting 9: FAFSA and Financial Aid (Dec 4): 

Meeting 10: More FAFSA (Dec 11)
Continue FAFSA; ELM, EPT and Exemptions

Meeting 11: More FAFSA and Transcripts (Jan 8)
Finish FAFSA; High school mid-year transcripts; log in to your UC applications to report December SAT / ACT exam scores

Meeting 12: Acceptances! (Jan 22)
Conditional acceptance; Follow their instructions!; See UC Irvine rescissions

Meeting 13: How to Choose (Feb 5)
Schedule a tour; Look for Open Houses and Exhibitions;

Meeting 14: Yes SIR! (Mar 5)
Statement of Intent to Register (SIR); Financial Aid; Spring Break road trip! 

Meeting 15: Finishing Touches (Apr 23)
SIR, Last things to do and loose ends