It's the year, 2013. A late summer day in Florida to be exact. The sun was still beating down that day.
    You are hired by a scientist who study's fish. So you are a submarine driver, who takes care of fish down under the sea. You have curly brown hair that glistens in the sun. Baby blue eyes, and tan skin. You are very young, you are twenty-four years old to be exact, and you're name is Kennedy Hutsin.
    One day you're boss comes up to you and asks you, "There's an opening, to take care of fish under the sea. And look for undiscovered creatures. You're boss looks at you for a moment, then returns back to his sentence. "The pay is good, you'll get two hundred fifty dollars a week!" Your bosses eyes are dark brown, and his hair the same color. You've never seen him without, a tie and a suite on.
    You think to you're self should I take the job? I love my job now, the only thing new is I would look for undiscovered creatures. The new job will be harder though. Your eyes squint in frustration, I don't know what I should do, you think to your self.                                                             

                Do you take the promotion, or do you stay with your old job?