You are an honored Aztec priest in El Dorado, the golden city in Mexico. You and the city reside next to an enormous volcano. You have developed a distinguished look. Your hair has grown so it is long enough to go to your knees since you are not allowed to cut it when you start being a priest, and you always wear an eagle feather sash that covers your body down to the length of your hair, apart from the regular citizen clothes. Something you are used to is always carrying your weapons, a bag of sharp obsidian knives at your side and a club on your back. Recently your city has suffered natural disasters like floods and tremors. It has always been said whenever there is a disaster the gods are angry, but some people are starting to doubt it. And now some people are thinking that enemy tribes might be involved with the disasters and not the gods. And the people are spreading rumors that the next of the disasters will be the volcano erupting. The people are begging you to investigate the disasters but it could be dangerous and you value your life dearly. So do you start to prepare? or do you stay and enjoy life while it lasts?