The mRemoteNG project is transitioning to a new maintainer, David Sparer, and a new development team. They have now released mRemoteNG 1.74, the first new version of mRemoteNG in over two years.

Please be aware that this new version has not been validated by the previous maintainer, Riley McArdle. The decision whether to trust David and his team or not is an important one and one that you individually and as a community will need to make for yourselves.

Links to the previous versions are provided below for your convenience.

Former mRemote users (pre-NG), please follow these instructions to migrate your settings from mRemote to mRemoteNG.

Version 1.74.6023.15437 (2016-06-28):
From the new development team lead by David Sparer

mRemoteNG Installer (MSI, 40MB) Recommended
mRemoteNG Portable Edition (ZIP, 37.2MB)

Version History and System Requirements for 1.74

Version 1.72 (2013-11-13):
From the previous development team lead by Riley McArdle

mRemoteNG Installer (EXE, 2.90MB)
mRemoteNG (ZIP, 3.86MB)
mRemoteNG Portable Edition (ZIP, 3.86MB)
Version 1.73 Beta 1 (2013-11-19):
From the previous development team lead by Riley McArdle

Download BetaDownload Beta


mRemoteNG includes Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), and Ukranian translations in the same EXE. The language will automatically be selected based on your system's regional settings. If you would like to help translate mRemoteNG into other languages, please read the wiki page on how to help.

System Requirements for 1.72 and 1.73 Beta 1: