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Personal Learning Plans

As part of Vermont's educational legislation, Act 77, by November of 2015, seventh and ninth grade students across Vermont were expected to create and follow a Personal Learning Plan or PLP.  This plan identifies experiences, goals, achievements, and skills required for students to be college and career ready.  It will also serve as an opportunity for students to reflect on their academic, career, civic, and social goals.  

Our current personal learning program utilizes a Personal Learning Framework (left) to help guide students through three stages of growth and learning.  First, students establish their identity within the Team Summit learning community. Students reflect on their strengths, challenges, and connections to the community. They also begin identifying the principles and values that they can contribute to Team Summit. 

Once students have reflected on their identities as learners, they begin setting goals for growth and achievement. This signifies their entrance into the Growth and Reflection phase. Here, students collect evidence of their growth, reflect on their work, and develop strategies for success. As students move towards proficiency and mastery, they begin the Transformation phase. Here, students demonstrate through their curated evidence that they are ready for the next phase of their education or life stage. 
For the majority of Team Summit students, this means getting  ready for
the proficiency-based learning environment at Montpelier High School (Learning Expectations at right).

The 2016-2017 school year will be the fourth year of our PLP integration and we look forward to the challenges ahead. New elements of our PLP program this year include the use of Blogger as a key reflection tool, and the incorporation of the Agency of Education's Transferable Skills into our proficiency and goal-setting work.

 Phase 1IdentityResource 1    Resource 2
Personalize Learning Plan Site Construction
Students need to create a Google site using the MSMS PLP - ePortfolio template. PLP Site Creation Instructions PLP Creation: Instructional Video

Introduction and Biography  

Students created a short biography, written in the third person, for their Person Learning Plan.  The biography page should also include an appropriate self-portrait.  
For an extension activity, students can create a short, 30 second introductory video: Three Things You Need To Know About Me.

 PLP Biography Instructions


Relationship Web
 Student identifies and illustrates the relationships they have in their lives. These might include family, extended family, teams, groups, or any other positive relationships currently being maintained.  Diagram should be created on Google Drawing.  After creating the diagram, students should create a post answering questions about that web.


Relationship Characteristics

Students need to examine their relationship web and identify positive characteristics of their relationships.  Once students have brainstormed a list of these characteristics, they should identify the three most important. Next, students should categorize the remaining characteristics underneath the primary 3.

Positive Characteristics Chart Exemplar
Blog Entry 1
Review your relationship web and the positive characteristics list that you have created.  In a new post on your community page, describe an event, memory, or moment when the characteristics you most appreciate were reflected by one of your relationships.Your entry should be at least a paragraph. 
Blog Entry #1 Exemplar
 Principles and Values Students will brainstorm the concept of principles and values, engage in small/large group discussion, and spend time defining their personal principles and values.  This will then become a part of their PLP plan. Principles and Values Presentation  Principles and Values Reflection
Setting Goals

Students will discuss, develop, and plan short and long-term goals for the trimester and year.

Trimester 3 Goals

Trimester 2 Reflection
Google Drive Organization
Students need to organize folders and documents in their Google Drive. The Hapara Dashboard requires you to maintain your shared folders: TEAMSUMMIT_CORE, TEAMSUMMIT_LA, and TEAMSUMMIT_MATH. You may also create folders for other subjects or areas. 
 Phase 2Growth and Reflection         Resource 1 Resource 2
As part of your PLP Page, you will need to upload 3 - 5 exemplars from your time on Team Summit or at Main Street Middle School.  Each exemplar should be accompanied by a paragraph description that meets the attached criteria. Project Description Criteria Project Description Exemplar
PLP Blog Entry
Review your community page and social relationships web.  In a short reflection write, explain how your relationships have changed or evolved since you first identified your different relationships.  How have you grown in or with these relationships?  
 PLP Goals 2    Students will review Trimester 1 goals and reflect on their progress. Students will then develop a second set of goals for the second trimester.PLP Trimester 2 Goals2016 - 2017 Trimester 2 Reflection
 PLP Goals 3Students will review Trimester 2 goals and reflect on their progress. Students will then develop a second set of goals for the third trimester. PLP Trimester 3 Goals 
PLP Citizenship
 Based on class discussion, create a two sentence definition of citizenship. Additionally, create a graphic that identifies at least 5 positive characteristics of a "good citizen".  These should then be posted on your PLP_CITIZENSHIP page. 

Citizenship Narrative
Create a short narrative describing how you are a good citizen.  You should give the definition of good citizenship and examples of how you meet the criteria.  Submissions may be written or filmed.  Please see Citizenship Narrative Instructions for details. Citizenship Narrative Instructions One Minute Movie Exemplar
 Minecraft PresentationStudents need to embed their Minecraft Presentation into their Evidence  page.  The presentation should have an accompanying paragraph that describes the purpose of playing Minecraft, the connections to the curriculum, and new learning related to game play. Minecraft Presentation Instructions 

Principles and Values Reflection
Principles and Values: review these critical elements of your PLP page. 
Have  any of your principles tested this year? How? Did the your principles and values meet the challenge?
In a well-structured paragraph, describe how your principles and values were tested, if you would change any on your current list, and how that event has influenced your outlook. 
Principles and Values Reflection #2

 Students need to begin learning coding through Scratch, Code.org or Code Academy.  Students will work with an adult to visit each website and begin the learning progression.  
Students must have their technology permission slip turned in to the Main Street Middle School office prior to registering.

Registration requires the use of their Montpelier Public Schools Google email.

Initial expectations are that students will spend at least 2 hours working on coding.


Code Academy
 PLP EnhancementsExploration: continue your exploration of colleges, camps, programs and resources that might be of future possibilities.  Include websites, links, and information. You can also check out activities listed in adjacent pages.  PLP Activities to Consider Creative Art and Technology
Phase 1 Conference   
At the completion of Phase 1 and 2  student and teacher will conference and review the PLP.

Students will adjust goals, identify strengths and challenges, and develop a plan for continued Growth and Reflection.
  PHASE 3 Transformation RESOURCE 1  RESOURCE 2

PLP Exploration 1
A key element of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) process is to encourage students to begin developing links and understanding between current learning and future educational, career, and extracurricular activities.  In essence, what am I interested in and what opportunities are there related to those interests? In this session, students will begin identifying educational and career interesting by utilizing online career planning guides.


Survey and Exploration Blog Entry
Part 1: Complete the PLP_Exploration Survey
Part 2: In an organized and appropriate blog entry, describe at least THREE future personal or educational interests .   Explain how you got interested in those subjects, where you get information, and what types of careers might connect with those interests.


PLP Exploration 2
Based on your initial exploration and class discussion, complete the graphic organizer detailing interests, resources, and educational opportunities.

When you have completed the graphic organizer, assemble all of the information into a Wordle. Post that Wordle onto your PLP Exploration page. 



PLP Exploration Page Formatting
Students should have completed their PLP Exploration Blog Entry, Wordle, and PLP_Exploration_Unit 1.  

Students should copy and paste their Wordle onto the PLP Explorations Page.  Second, students should copy and paste the text of their Exploration Blog Entry onto the page as an introduction.

Finally, students should embed their Exploration Unit 1 in a format of their choice: Google Presentation, Prezi, screencast, or Google Doc.


PLP Exploration  3

Students will continue creating units of exploration around areas of interest.  Using previous brainstorming and research, students will identify opportunities at the high school, post-secondary and career levels. 
Summer Opportunities Student created a map of summer opportunities correlated to their career and college interests. Exploration Opportunities 

Students need to review their PLP website and complete the self-assessment.  Based on the self-assessment and student-teacher conference, student will develop PLP goals for year 2.  Student and teacher, together, will determine where student will begin year 2.