Team Summit
2016 - 2017

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Greetings and welcome to the Team Summit 2016 - 2017 home page.

This page serves as a portal to all things Team Summit: policies, assignments, information, updates, and curriculum information and material.  Please get to know the different elements of the page as well as the location of important information.  We regularly update the information and documents on the site in an effort to keep you up to date on our activities.  If you have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Team Summit consists of Amy Kimball as the math and science teacher, Don Taylor as the language arts and social studies teacher, and Chris Guros as the special educator. While each of us has an area of expertise, we plan, teach and learn as a team. Additionally, we are supported by instructional assistant Joyce Ferris. 

We plan on using Room 109, the classroom behind the library, for most of the core classes.  We also have available Room 218 upstairs for extensive lab activities.  During the core academic time, the instructional activity will determine the size of the group as well as the classroom needs. Math classes will be grade specific and utilize Room 218 each day.  As a team, we will spend the first few days of school doing a variety of team building activities.  Our units of study for the year are developed around common themes that blend the Social Studies and Science curriculums with Language Arts skills of writing and reading integrated into these units.  More details about our program will be shared at Open House in the fall.  However, please don’t wait until then if you have questions about what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.  Feel free to contact us at your convenience.                                                            

Meeting Student Needs

As we plan this year’s themes and projects, we are being very conscientious about meeting the needs of all students on our team. We already know some of our students well, and we will be conducting a variety of assessments and activities to help us discover the strengths, challenges and learning preferences of each child. One of our primary goals is to challenge students to grow from their current skill levels; in doing so, we may need to review some skills that they have seen in the past to ensure a good foundation to build upon.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.

As always, we encourage team members to frequently refer to the webpage for academic information and resources, as well as, Team annoucements.  Some information may not be directly listed below but off to the right in the sidebar.  If you are not familiar with the resources listed there please take a moment to navigate through the different subjects, websites, documents, and of course the Team's weekly Monday Memo.

Please email us with any questions or concerns regarding the web page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Team Summit Open House 2016-2017