Note: See the individual unit pages for classroom resources. 

Call of the Wild unit survey 

GENERAL Homework:
  • Homework in the humanities' classes is mainly reading. Plan on ~15 minutes of reading every night in a book of choice for your independent reading/reading logs.
  • Each trimester plan on doing a creative fiction or nonfiction paper of choice as part of Friday Workshop. 
  • Students will need to complete 3-4 readtheory.org quizzes per week as part of their regular classroom work/homework. 
RECENT Assignments (Mrs. Scott in purple, Mr. Maguire in orange): 
    Due Date        Description
Currently, students are entering a unit on the Land and People in science, social studies, and language arts. 
        On going work reading for your reading comprehension "move your lexile #" goal; ongoing readtheory.org work. 
        Monday 4/24 - going read 5 pages per night in Call of the Wild for a total of 25 for the week. 
        Friday 5/12     Call of the Wild reading project sheets due
        Monday 5/15   Call of the Wild book quiz (all questions will come from the discussions and quiz ourselves sheets we've had in class.) 
        Monday 5/15 - 5/19     SBAC testing week 
        Friday 5/19     Vocab. Quiz #2 (moved from the 12th) 

 Vocabulary Words online programs
Quiz dates: 4/14, 5/19, 5/26

#1 Vocab Quiz T3

#2 Vocab Quiz T3

#3 Vocab Quiz T3

Vocabulary Packet for Trimester 3


Vocabulary.com Due June 
need 10,000 points from your last score 

work ethic scores: May 5th, June 16th 

Other Resources: 

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10/4/16 3 Branches of US Government Presentation Click Here 
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