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Suggest a Book or other Resource for the Library
Fill out the form linked below and tell us what the item is and why we should have it in the library. 

Your Librarian
Hi! My name is Ms. Chabot and I am your librarian and technology educator.

Please stop by the library and say hello. 

I am always happy to help you find a good book, assist you with any technology or research questions or help in any other way!

Library Policies

The purpose of the library media center is to support the curriculum of the school, to provide students with the skills necessary to become independent learners, and to promote students' pleasure reading.

Circulation Information
Students may check out as many books as they need as long as their account is in good standing (no long overdue books). Books are checked out for a period of 3 weeks. A book may be renewed unless there is someone else waiting to check it out. 

Students are responsible for returning their books on time. Additional books may be checked out as soon as all overdue books are returned.

We do not charge fines for late books, but please try to return books on time.