In partnership with the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, Main Street Middle School students are helping Montpelier's senior citizens with technology and technology related issues. Senior citizens sign up for classes through the senior center. Through the fall, winter, and spring trimesters, participants meet at Main Street Middle school for 6-8 sessions of tech education.


MSAC Technology Intro


Session 1
Session 2
Digital Citizenship

Instructional Time
  • Optional Assignment -- What I've Learned
  • The Internet as a complete learning experience -- Google it!
  • Cloud Computing -- Gmail, Apple ID and Interconnected Devices
  • Photo Sharing
Independent Work Time

Session 3

Understanding GMAIL

In order to get a better understanding of your knowledge of Gmail, please complete the following tasks. If you have any questions or need assistance, please ask one of our students.

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Explore the SEARCH function of your Gmail.
  • How can I BLOCK unwanted email?
  • Customizing your Gmail interface through Settings (Pictures/Signatures/Information)
  • Send Don Taylor a 2nd email with a review/reflection of today's learning.
Extension: Review the TASK function in Gmail.
 Where does your email go?

YouTube Video

Using Gmail Search

YouTube Video

Blocking Unwanted Messages

YouTube Video

Session 4
Google Drive

Today we will begin working with Google Drive, another one of the Google applications that is included with your Google Account.

Google Drive is a cloud based storage space for documents, videos, photographs, information.

Task List
  • Find the MSAC Technology page. Read through the instructions for today's session.
  • Open a new tab, and using the matrix in the upper right corner of your screen, click on the Drive icon.
  • Create a new document titled: Top Five Songs
  • List the top 5 songs that were popular when you were in high school.
  • Share that document with Don Taylor (dont@mpsvt.org).
This is Google Drive

YouTube Video

Introduction to Google Drive

YouTube Video

Session 5
Using Google Search

YouTube Video

 Task List
  • Find the MSAC Technology page. Read through the instructions for today's session.
  • Open a new tab, and search a favorite topic.
  • Watch the video at left. Remember that each application of Google has some element of the SEARCH function: Gmail, Google search, and Drive.
  • Using the varying elements of SEARCH can help you find materials quickly and efficiently.

Keeping Photographs Online

There are a multitude of platforms for photo sharing and uploading online.

You can read some reviews here: Tom's Guide, Time Magazine, Lifehacker and another here:

Check out these options.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video