MHS Guidance Department

Lissa Knauss, Guidance Counselor
Geoffrey Sather, Guidance Counselor
Nancy Fitzpatrick, Registrar/SAT Coordinator
Chris Ilstrup, School Records Coordinator
Matt McLane, School to Work Coordinator
Sarah Loveless, Community Service Coordinator

Montpelier High School prides itself on its ability to individualize student learning. Congruent to this approach, and to the school's mission statement, the Guidance Department offers a wide array of services to those in need while refraining from imposing a one-size-fits-all curriculum upon students whose interests and openness to learning develop at different times throughout their high school careers.

There are, however, certain guidance services provided to every student. For example, every in-coming ninth grader has an individual conference with their parents and their guidance counselor to discuss the transition to the high school, select courses for the upcoming year, and map out a four-year education plan. This plan is fine tuned through subsequent yearly meetings with the guidance counselor for scheduling the following year's courses. Another example of the individualizing of guidance services is the one-on-one meetings with all the students who have taken the PSAT tests, in order to explain and discuss scores and to formulate strategies regarding future test taking and the college search process. All juniors and seniors are seen at the beginning of each school year (via English classes) and presented the services available to them, including the Choices (computer program) curriculum, financial aid and scholarship resources, career exploration activities, resume construction, and other related services. The Guidance Department is a clearinghouse for information for parents, students, and staff, and hopes to support each in our effort to accomplish our schools mission.

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