Grade 6 Homework

Grade 6 Homework: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All Students:

1. The links below will be for upcoming language arts assignments. Students will have a hard copy, but this link is a safety net.

IRR - Independent Reading Response

2. Bring in an empty backpack to take home any leftover desk materials


Appel:  Please check Powerschool weekly.


No homework.  Enjoy your summer!  :)



Tuesday was last day of science class! Show your folks the "Tao of Science" sheet of science learning for the 2016-17 school year that we comleted in class today.


No homework!  Enjoy your summer!  :)

Social Studies:

All google slide shows must be finished tonight for homework! If Field Day is cancelled we will begin presentations tomorrow

Anyone who has not finished the paragraphs about their positive character traits and/or their webs of support with traits needs to complete this as homework. Long overdue.

Language Arts:
No homework. Tuesday was the last day of LA class.

Read 20 minutes every day
Several people still need to turn in vocabulary (Green) This was due Friday, June 2nd

Below you will find a link to the Independent Reading Response document. 

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