Grade 6 Homework

Grade 6 Homework:  Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mr. B's Homeroom Parents:  Return the Spring Parent Conference sign-up letter your child brought home Monday. Indicate your top three choices of time slots.

All Students:

1. The links below will be for upcoming language arts assignments. Students will have a hard copy, but this link is a safety net.

IRR - Independent Reading Response



Convert fractions/decimals (lowest terms) Both sides of worksheet due: 3/21


DMP 19 and all of Lesson 11 - Due: 3/24



1. On the yellow Global Warming Solutions Debate Rubric, score yourself on the Presentation Standard 6a and provide three reasons for your rating.


No homework.

Social Studies:

Create a Culture projects and reports are due Friday, March 24th

Create a Culture menu

Language Arts:
1. Read 15-20 minutes & record at least two Sensory Details Sentences for Entry #2
2. Finish the NOW LATE Vocabulary #9 sheet & proofread for spelling errors (Due date was extended to Thursday, March 23!)

Read 20 minutes every day
Vocabulary due March 24th
Independent research project due Monday, April 3rd

Refine your investigative question for independent research project

Below you will find a link to the Independent Reading Response document. 

Subpages (1): Moody/Appel blog