Grade 6 Homework

Grade 6 Homework: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

All Students/Parents:

Student Led Conferences: Our conference dates are Thursday, November 1st (afternoon) and Friday, November 2nd. Look for the sign-up letter coming home. You also have the option to sign up online. This link should be on our home page and in the MSMS announcement. Conference sign-up 

A reminder that conferences are ONLY with your child's homeroom teacher.

SPELLING: There will be a spelling test for all students on Friday, October 19th.

Please bring in any forms that were mailed home this summer. A few students were handed forms today to be filled out and returned to school.

The links below will be for upcoming language arts assignments. Students will have a hard copy, but this link is a safety net.

IRR - Independent Reading Response


24 skills review videos Foundational skills

Engage NY/Eureka Math Modules


Tuesday, Oct 2, Lesson 3 Equivalent Ratio, due tomorrow.


DMP Week 7 - due: 10/26 



Quiz on Scientific Method on Wednesday, Sept. 26.


Quiz on Seasons, Equinoxes and Solstices tomorrow, Oct. 24th. PLEASE STUDY ALL OF YOUR NOTES AND WORKSHEETS!!

Social Studies:

Evans: Click on the following link for past and upcoming assignments and rubrics for Humanities.

Evans Humanities Class Link

Mapping Skills Quiz Wednesday, October 10th

Moody: No homework

We are still working on our Create A World project. This work will be done in class, as long as class time is used wisely ;)

Students are creating maps of worlds of their own imagination and interests. There are several required elements to be included on the maps. Students will then write about the five themes of geography in relation to their created worlds.

Language Arts:

Character Trait Writing Piece due October 1st.
Click on the following link for past and upcoming assignments and rubrics for Humanities.


 The theme of the narrative that we are working on in class is a Memorable Event. There has been good progress on these. First drafts should be ready for peer conferencing by Thursday. We are also reading the historical novel, The Red Umbrella. 

Read 20 minutes EVERY DAY


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