Warp Speed

Warp Speed

      by Lisa Yee

Okay, so Marley Sandelski sometimes speaks Klingon when he get nervous.  And he carries around Star Trek action figures to give him confidence.  Luckily, Marley has found solace in the company of fellow AV Club members, despite their annoying tendencies to like such things as Star Wars or (gasp) Batman. 

But outside of AV Club, Marley often feels invisible. No one seems to notice him, except for the school bullies. And yes, there are bullies.  Throughout the school year, Marley's confidence wanes as he's constantly under attack.  When he is *discovered* as a track star (as he runs from bullies) Marley realizes that maybe, with just the right clothes and haircut, he could become popular.  But is that what Marley wants?  And how will he ever take back his self confidence and stand up for himself? 

In the end, the word for Marley is...Qapla'!  (success) (in Klingon)

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