R My Name is Rachel

It's the Depression and Rachel's father moves his children to a small, run-down farm in the hope of finding work. Rachel and her siblings leave behind all that they know and love in the big city - their friends, their neighborhood, and a way of life they understand. When their father has to take a job on the road, twelve-year-old Rachel finds herself in charge of fixing up the house, tending a goat and chickens, planting a garden, and caring for her younger siblings. They have very little money, there is no school to attend, and they are frightened to be alone. This book aptly portrays an important piece of American history and is ultimately a story of courage, hope, and perseverance.

The Book title comes from the Children's Jump Rope Rhyme:

A, my name is AMY, my husband's name is ADAM, we live in ALBUQUERQUE and we sell APPLES.
B, my name is BRENDA, my husband's name is BEN, we live in BALTIMORE and we sell BANJOS.
C, my name is CHELSEY, my husband's name is CHARLIE, we live in COLORADO and we sell COMIC BOOKS.

Continue through the alphabet.

...R my Name is Rachel...