by Helen Frost

Wren Abbot was just a little girl when her mom’s car was stolen – with her hidden inside.  Silent and frightened, she hid in the garage the car was parked in, trying to think of a way to escape.

Darra Monson was just a little girl when she discovered the girl who hid in her garage on the day her father brought home a stolen car.  She secretly put out food and water, but never really acknowledged the girl’s presence as she tried to think of a way to get her out without getting her dad in trouble.

When Wren escaped anyway, and inadvertently led the police right to Darra’s door, both girls had to move forward with lives that were inexorably changed.

Enter Camp Oakwood, many years later.  Darra and Wren recognize each other’s names immediately when they arrive.  Though they struggle to ignore their shameful connection, secrets have a way of bubbling up and bursting out in unexpected ways.  As Wren and Darra wrestle to give voice to their hidden pasts and forgive each other, they discover an unlikely and surprisingly strong friendship.

Wren is waiting for her mom, when she hears a gunshot.  She dives into the back of the car, not realizing that she'll have to remain hidden, in the car and in the car thief's garage.

No one knows she's there, but Darra.

Darra wants to help Wren but is afraid to get her dad into trouble. 
When Wren escapes anyway, Darra's word is turned upside down.

Years later, they meet at camp.  Will the past be too big to get over, or will they discover a common experience that will allow them to become friends?

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