Quiet Travis misses his home in the woods and his dog who disappeared a few weeks ago.
    Sassy Velveeta speaks her mind but quietly mourns the loss of a close friend.
        An unlikely friendship develops in Bluefish.

A selection from an interview with Pat Schmatz:

On the surface, Bluefish is about a kid who struggles with some huge challenges. But what’s the story really about?

Actually, a friend of mine, who had a really hard time reading growing up and who the book is dedicated to, told me many drafts in, “Well, Pat Schmatz, you’ve written a love story.” I go, “It’s not a love story.” And she goes, “Yes, it is.” And at that point, I realized that it really was not about romantic love so much as a love story of small kindnesses and connection. What the story is really about is the connection that comes when you pay attention enough to really see somebody—those moments when you just see that one glimpse and go, “Oh! There you are.”

School Library Journal Interview with Pat Schmatz