Addie on the Inside

Addie on the Inside
                by James Howe

Addie knows she’s different.  She’s the girl who stands up in class to voice her opinions.  Not everyone likes her, and her friends are all boys.  She uses big words and doesn’t care about what she wears.  She wasn’t afraid to start her middle school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, despite pushback.

Addie knows who she is, and that person is someone who cares about making wrong things right.  But what’s the right thing to do when faced with big issues that she just can’t fix, mean girls, a school that doesn’t embrace her activism, the death of her cat, a grandmother who just can’t stay, and yet another break-up with her boyfriend DuShawn? 

Addie is a bright young woman who is not afraid to make an impact on the world – if she can only first figure out a few things about herself!


Burlington High School student
Vermont State Poetry Out Loud Runner Up

Fabiola Mujomba

Who Do You See?

You Are Who They Say You Are.

                                                                                   from Addie on the Inside, by James Howe

Who Do You See.m4a
Susanna Paterson,
May 9, 2012, 2:16 PM
You Are Who They Say You Are.m4a
Susanna Paterson,
May 9, 2012, 2:16 PM