Vmps Sports Nutrition Online

Vmps Sports Nutrition Online: Fueling for Fitness and Performance

Our online sports nutrition program is an individualized approach to healthy nutrition for athletes and active people. It combines professional guidance and support from your sports nutrition coach, Elaine Vescio, with Vmps' convenient and empowering online interactive nutrition and exercise tools.
With Elaine's guidance, you set up and follow your sports nutrition program completely online. Then you stay on track and manage your results with instant access to our easy to use online system. 

Vmps Sports Nutrition Online includes:

  • Determining your calorie needs and ideal weight
  • Assessing nutritional adequacy of your daily eating patterns
  • Teaching what and when to eat to optimize training and performance
  • Unlimited access to Vmps' online meal planning, tracking, and exercise tools
  • Unlimited contact with your sports nutrition coach via email
  • Free entry into Vmps Biggest Loser Contests

Whether you want to feel better, reach your ideal race weight or fuel your body more effectively for training and racing, Vmps can help you develop and follow an appropriate nutrition plan.

Price: $125 for the first month; $40/month for each additional month