Vmps Biggest Loser Contest

Sometimes You Got to Lose to Win

Sponsored by The Sole Proprietor, One Eleven Chop House, and Via Italian Table

Looking for a little extra help to reach your race weight? 
The Vmps Biggest Loser Contest provides you with motivation and accountability to help you along. 
The motivation is winning bragging rights as well as a $100 gift certificate to one of the best restaurants in Worcester; the accountability is submitting your weight weekly to Elaine Vescio and whether you went up or down will be posted. Don't worry! We don't post your actual weight; just the direction. 

During the contest, you receive healthy tips, yummy recipes, and other useful info to keep you on track. 

Whoever loses the greatest percentage of body weight as of the final weigh in is declared the Vmps Biggest Loser and gets the $100 gift card to The Sole Proprietor, One Eleven Chop House or Via Italian Table. 

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Additional Information
  • First weight is submitted the day the contest begins
  • Then subsequent weight is submitted every Monday morning by 9:30 AM. 
  • Honor system is in effect. Participants weigh themselves on the same scale every Monday and submit their weight. 
Contest is free for Vmps Platinum and Gold clients
$30 for everyone else. 

For more information, contact Elaine Vescio at evescio@mpstraining.com or 508-612-3000. 

Leader Board
Results are tracked on the contest's Leader Board.