Wetsuit Rentals

Whether you have spent months preparing for your upcoming event or just want to tackle an open water swim with some buddies, a quality wetsuit can provide you with the added warmth, buoyancy, and speed that you want (and deserve). However, decent wetsuits can be pricey to buy, so it makes sense to rent one from us. 

At Vmps, quality matters. That’s why we have chosen TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Sleeveless wetsuits for our rental fleet. This wetsuit offers a high level of performance for aspiring triathletes. Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but we refuse to offer poorly made products to our customers, especially for use in something as potentially challenging as an open water swim.

Constructed with Slick Skin Neoprene, the TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Sleeveless wetsuit boasts minimal drag, and maximum speed and durability in its class. We offer sleeveless models for our rentals because people who are new to swimming in a wetsuit are more likely to feel constricted and claustrophobic in a long sleeved wetsuit, and that’s not an optimal way to do an open water swim.

Wetsuit Rental Fee

  • Fee for a wetsuit rental is $50. 
  • An extended wetsuit rental is available for an additional $25 per week

Pickup and Returns

  • Wetsuits should be reserved as far in advance as possible. A minimum 48 hour advance notice is strongly recommended. 
  • Pick up and drop off times for the wetsuit are arranged in advance. Please note, that Vmps operates by appointment only; please, no drop in’s!
  • Rentals may be picked up and returned at the Vmps tent at the races in Massachusetts that we sponsor. This includes triathlons produced by Sun Multisport Events, and FIRM.
  • A rental may be picked up as early as Thursday for the weekend that it is needed, and must be returned no later than Tuesday. 
  • Late returns are charged at the rate of $25 per day. Each wetsuit is needed back on time so that it will be ready for the next athlete who has reserved it. 

Try Before You Buy Option

  • If you like the rental, pay an additional $75 before your rental period has ended and you can keep the wetsuit. That’s a really good deal for a wetsuit that retails for $175. 
  • Or apply the $50 rental fee to the purchase of a new wetsuit from Vmps during the calendar year. 

Wetsuit Care

  • Treat the wetsuit as if it were your own. Use care when putting it on. Fingernails and/or strong tugs can tear the neoprene. 
  • After each use, rinse the wetsuit, turn it inside out, and allow it to dry flat. Do not leave the wetsuit in a hot car. Do not leave a damp wetsuit rolled in a heap. 

Sizing and Fit

Wetsuit sizing is based upon height, weight, and body type. Through our extensive experience and the sizing data we've collected through the years, we have gotten quite good at matching the right fit to a person. Just be honest and accurate with the info you provide when renting the wetsuit.

A properly sized wetsuit may not necessarily feel comfortable when you first put it on. A wetsuit that is put on correctly will feel really tight (actually really, really tight), especially when it is dry. When you swim in the wetsuit in the water, it will feel like it is loosening up some. A properly fitting wetsuit will take in a little water. That’s how it works--Your body heats up the water, and then that keeps you warm during the swim. A wetsuit that is too big (i.e. one that is easy to put on and feels really comfortable while you are standing in your living room) will take in too much water, causing your body to sink in the water. Snug feeling wetsuit when dry, means good fit; comfortable feeling wetsuit when dry may indicate that the size is too big.

Putting on a Wetsuit 

Often times the correct size wetsuit feels too small on a person because it hasn't been put on right. Putting on a wetsuit is neither intuitive nor easy. First of all, make sure your body is dry. A sweaty or wet body is going to make it nearly impossible to get the wetsuit onto your body correctly. Be careful as you pull on the wetsuit as neoprene is tender and can tear easily. Zipper goes in the back. Slide each foot through the opening at the bottom of each leg. Then from the inside, gather some of the wetsuit material, and slowly and carefully pull it up, bringing it up much higher than you think is necessary. Continue to pull from the inside, making sure the crotch of the wetsuit is snug against your body. If it isn't, the torso will not fit right. When the crotch of the wetsuit is up high enough, continue to pull the torso up from the inside, and insert your arms through the armholes. Ask somebody to zip you in. (It's totally acceptable at races to ask strangers to zip you into your wetsuit). 

Wetsuit Rental Terms Agreement

A rental may be picked up as early as Thursday for the weekend that it is needed, and must be returned to Vmps no later than Tuesday. Late returns are charged at the rate of $25 per day. Each wetsuit is needed back on time so that it will be ready for the next athlete who has reserved it. 

Damage fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. We understand that small tears may occur with reasonable use. Unfixable damage, including that resulting from ignoring our instructions listed on our website regarding proper care for the wetsuit, may result in damage fees being charged. We’d rather not have to charge damage fees, so please, just be careful with the wetsuit. 

Vmps is not responsible for the safety of any customer wearing one of our rental wetsuits. Open water swimming can be a dangerous pursuit. The wetsuit is NOT a life saving device, despite what people say about it being easier to swim in a wetsuit. Please make sure you are well prepared for your open water swims, and are not relying upon the wetsuit to keep you calm and afloat. 

Contact Us

Email info@mpstraining.com or call 508.612.3000 to arrange a rental.