The #1 Reason People Pay Big Bucks for Our Swim Coaching

posted May 20, 2011, 12:33 PM by Elaine Vescio   [ updated Sep 12, 2011, 8:13 AM by Donald Vescio ]
Here is the actual text that Tracey Potter, a Vmps swim coach, sent to her clients:
"Alrighty--Apparently the seagulls smell panic in the air as Rev3 is approaching and open water swimming has remained elusive for 2011.  Despite the chilly weather---I think we can approach L. Chauncey with a bounce in our step and confidence in our swimming backgrounds--no matter how misguided this may be.  Tonya--will be our fearless leader across the great expanse of the lake--literally---if you actually followed her.  Note to the competition--unless the girl has gotten a GPS in her wetsuit, follow other feet! 
Instead it will be Kitsa--who will drive us toward the old psychiatric hospital---her desire to see the old psychiatric hospital will be what pushes this medical doctor to her very limits.  Yet, heed my warning if you follow her---she has a take no prisoner approach to swimming and she will grab your feet and drag you back if you get in her way.  Her tendency to swim in circles would also give me pause.....
So who will we follow?? Joe?  Bill?  Bill will start our doggedly determined to get this swim accomplished and place another check in his training log..  However, mid-way, he will pause, turn around and undoubtedly start asking questions like "who do you think created the universe?"  "Are there really snapping turtles and snakes in here?"  Did I sign a waiver of liability for this?"  Does my wetsuit fit right?" He will question you, he will question himself and he will cleverly look to see whose wake he can drag off of---beware of the mighty Bill...
So in the will be Joe.  Confident, reassuring Joe--who will shake his fists at the mighty sky above and the water below and demand that they bring their worst---he is ready.  HE will cooly walk into the lake, not worry about the strange gas bubbles that float to the surface with each step and plunge himself into the great abyss that is Chauncey.  HE will surface like the porpoise his wetsuit allows him to be and sprint wildly toward the psychiatric hospital screaming "swim, swim, as fast as you can--you can't catch me I'm Mighty Joe Hamilton"  We will quickly follow suit, afraid that we will lose him from our sights (no, not because he sank) but because he has become swifter than Poseidon due to his countless laps at the Y chatting with the blue hairs in their pretty flowered bathing caps.
OK, enough----what works for everyone---majority rules.  I can make Tues or Wed. first thing in the am or around lunch on the same days.  I cannot make the evenings, but if that is all that is available to some of you---maybe set a time to go together?
Talk to you soon--Tracey"