Review: Quintana Roo CD 0.1

posted May 25, 2010, 8:30 AM by Donald Vescio   [ updated Sep 12, 2011, 8:12 AM ]

Last season, Quintana Roo released its new generation time trial/triathlon frame, the CD 0.1:


Many of the CD 0.1’s features are reflected in today’s state of the art aerodynamic frame designs, such as highly sculpted and smooth carbon surfaces, sharp trailing edges, horizontal dropouts for precise wheel position and faired rear wheel cutouts.  What sets the CD 0.1 apart is the unique design of its downtube, which has a noticeable “bow” toward the right side of the frame.  The purpose of this feature is to shift airflow away from the chainrings, thus helping to minimize aerodynamic turbulence.  The CD 0.1’s massive bottom bracket section contributes to a significantly stiff and stable ride, while its thin seat stays both minimize drag and add just enough vertical compliance to make the its ride comfortable over long distances.


Note the “bow” in the CD 0.1’s downtube near the bottom bracket.


The CD 0.1 also attempts to remove the brakes from the airflow boundary layers.  The rear brake is tucked underneath the frame’s chain stays, while the front brake is buried behind the fork crown.  Both brakes are modified centerpull designs (Tektro TRP 925s) that are easy to install and maintain.  Braking is both powerful and easy to modulate.

I found that the CD 0.1 was extremely easy to build—cable routing was straightforward and relies on full length housing, which helps minimize performance degradation in adverse weather conditions.   The CD 0.1’s seatpost is one of the few aero seatposts that offer both a wide range of adjustability and mechanical ease of use. 

For me, aerodynamic performance (after fit) is a prime criterion for me when selecting a time trial bike.    Quintana Roo claims that their new frame is one of the fastest available on the market today; through my own extensive regression testing in the field, I’ve found that the CD 0.1, with identical components and wheels, consistently is faster than my Cervelo P3C, enough so that I’ve retired the Cervelo for PowerCrank use. Available as both a frameset and a complete bike, Quintana Roo’s CD 0.1 is a refreshing offering from a long established multisport company that always have offered great performance at an affordable price.  Contact V3 Multisports for more information, or stop by to chat at one of FIRM’s races.